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Stunt Coordination & Performance

When Tad broke into the industry with The Mask of Zorro in 1998, he knew he could not provide for his large herd with animal-related stunts alone.  He has cross-trained in weapons, swordwork, hand-to-hand, air rams, high falls, bull riding, trick roping, bullwhips, and many other specialties. He made his move into stunt-coordination in 2005 on Zack Snyder's 300 as Horse Stunt Coordinator.  From there he has coordinated and co-coordinated many other blockbusters, including The Lone Ranger, Hail Caesar, and John Wick 3.  Gattlin has doubled Keanu Reeves and Alden Ehrenreich, in John Wick 3 and Hail Caesar, respectively.  Callder performed his first stunt at the age of 7 on How I Met Your Mother, and most recently did a high fall on Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail.  Arrden you may know as "Dirt Boy" on New Girl, riding a 3-wheeler into the desert horizon.

Horse Squad Lone Ranger
Gattlin Jumps For Previz


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This project required a unique approach, including teaching Zendaya to ride well enough to navigate Downtown Los Angeles with limited time.  We used several different horses with varying skills to get an array of action shots, including ascending the steps to the City Hall and a rearing shot overlooking the City of Angels.

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Our involvement in John Wick 3 consisted of training Keanu Reeves how to utilize trick riding in a gun-and-hand fight to take down motorcyclists in hot pursuit.  This required us to design a rig that would ensure Keanu and the motorcyclists' safety, while maintaining speed on a street in Downtown Brooklyn.

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Gucci approached our team and needed help bringing their Summer 2020 #ofcourseahorse campaign to life. Through our intimate collaboration, we were able to manifest a visually impactful campaign, which included horses swimming in the pool of the Chateau Marmont, ponies in the backs of cars on Sunset Blvd, and warm embraces between models and horses on the beaches of Malibu.

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