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Horse Film Camps

In collaboration with The Digg Site Productions and the Eastern Nebraska Film Office, we have designed a comprehensive three-day course intended to educate and enable the First People with necessary skills and knowledge appropriate for work in the film and entertainment industry.



In response to the numerous period Indigenous projects on the horizon and beyond, we have created the First People Horse Nation Film Camps.  We aim to assess, train, and educate hundreds of expert riders to the entry level of Special Abilities Extra.  Each rider will have the opportunity to receive a letter of completion and possibly an accreditation certificate signed by Tad Griffith.  This can be presented as proof you have earned the right to be considered for gainful employment by a recognized industry professional.

This certificate and recognition qualifies you for the position of Special Abilities Extra.  This role carries a higher scale pay rate and denotes you have the skill and knowledge to perform the duties of riding at a high rate of speed, light stage combat on foot and horseback, are able to follow direction and choreography, assist by performing at your skill level safely in heavy stunt action or sequences, understand set etiquette, and can perform your required actions in a repeatable, safe, and humane manner.

Throughout the Horse Film Camp we will be assessing your riding and horsemanship knowledge, learning ability, and people skills.  Our main goal is to open your awareness to the fact that your traditional riding skills, history, and accredited membership of the Horse Nation can give you a huge advantage in the entertainment industry. We will share with you the path for gainful employment, adventure, and a continued online support system to further your education and skills.  We will also assist with you being successfully listed onto an existing horse nation rider database with headshots, action shots, sizes, tribal affiliation, skills, goals, and education.  This listing will become your responsibility to keep refreshed and updated for future casting calls and a means of direct contact by production and stunt professionals.  You will also be notified, should you choose, of upcoming projects that require your skill sets.  Lastly, we will furnish you with a hard copy of unions, guilds, companies, and agencies that oversee fair employment practices and the humane treatment of animals.  You will also have a direct safety hotline number to A Tad Western Production Company, Inc.

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