All Mediums

Film, TV, Commercial, Print, Music Videos and Live Shows. ATWP Does It All.


Film & tv

Our experience with the Feature Film and Television industry began 39 years ago with the Kenny Roger's made-for-TV series, "The Gambler II" , and continued with "The Gambler III" and Richard Chamberlin's "Dream West".

Tad and his production company have furnished stunt coordination, stuntwork and/or production services (including specialty livestock) for many major studio projects and independent film productions.
Whatever your needs may be, consultation, stunt work, stunt coordinating, colorful and specialized livestock rental, period wardrobe, or period prop rental (including concept, design and fabrication), A Tad Western Production Company would appreciate your serious consideration.


A Tad Western Production Company has worked with numerous brands over the course of its 35+ years in operation, including Samsung, Mountain Dew, GMC, Jack In The Box, Allstate, Infinity and more recently GUCCI, Guinness and Lancôme. These advertisements span from regional to international in scale. Whether in need of horse/western oriented motifs or grand stunts, ATWP has the proper means to fit your needs.


Music videos & print

From Latoya Jackson and Willie Nelson, to JoJo Siwa and Diplo, ATWP has worked with artists across a diverse array of genres and generations.


We have also collaborated with many talented photographers over the years to showcase trick riding and our unique work with animals.

Live shows

We have a saying - "Practice within 3% of perfection."


We were born in the fire of live shows. The inherent spontaneity, improvisation, and detailed preparation needed for a successful live show gives our company a unique approach to all other areas of performance we have expanded into.