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Horses and cars, New York to Morocco, westerns and superheroes. These are a few of the films we've been a part of.


Miracle Workers 3

Stunt/Livestock Coordinator/


Animal Training (2021)

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In January 2021, the gang headed out to Sable Ranch, a set just down the road from their home to begin production on Miracle Workers Season 3. The entire family spent many days on set handling, recreating the experience of the Oregon Trail, and coordinating/perfoming the various stunts required in the 10-episode series.


Hail Caesar

Stunt Coordinator (2016)

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Tad worked closely with the Coen brothers in his stunt-coordination of this project. From a Scarlett Johansson mermaid scene, to a trick riding sequence in which Gattlin doubled Alden Ehrenreich, Tad used his vast stunt experience to realize unique, captivating sequences. Tad and Gattlin were both nominated for a World Taurus Stunt Award for their work.


Spider Man 3

Assistant Stunt Coordinator (2007)

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Tad assisted Dan Bradley on the Cleveland Unit, which was responsible for the first Sandman-Spiderman fight sequence.


Fast & Furious 4 

Stunt Performer (2009)

Tad won his 2nd World Taurus Stunt Award for his work as part of the stunt team on this film.



Stunt Performer (2003)

Tad helped perform and coordinate some of the stunts in Seabiscuit, including the horse drag.

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John Wick 3 Parabellum

Horse Master/Stunts (2019)

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In 2018, Tad got the call to begin training Keanu Reeves in the art of trick riding. Tad, Gattlin, and Arrden spent the summer in New York helping realize a horse sequence that director Chad Stahelski called "probably the craziest thing I've ever done in my career."


The Lone Ranger

Co-Stunt Coordinator (2013)

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Tad stunt-coordinated an epic horseback train robbery, a mountain-side massacre involving over 50 stuntmen, and a rampage shootout in a canyon.



Horse Master (2006)

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Tad worked in Montreal for over 3 months on 300. While in charge of all the horse-related stunts, he also played both Spartans and Persians in the epic battlefield sequences.


Iron Man

Stunt Performer (2008)

Tad was a part of the stunt team that sparked the MCU.  


The Mask of Zorro

Stunt Performer (1998)

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Tad broke into the business with his trick riding on The Mask of Zorro while doubling Antonio Banderas.